1. Library Enrichment: College library was enriched by adding more text books and reference books, seating capacity in reading room was increased. Panchjanya a Hindi medium magazine and organizer an English medium magazine were added in library.
  2. Psychology Resource Enrichment: Purchased psychological tools and apparatus for staff and B.Ed. and M.Ed. students.
  3. Classroom Facility: New comfortable furniture was purchased for students.   Four fans were arranged and hanged in each classroom.
  4. Added New Technology: New teaching software was installed for teaching of B.Ed. and M.Ed. students.  New printers purchased. Arrangement of Online classes.
  5. Sports facility: Ground was maintained for the basketball, badminton and hand ball.
  6. Science lab: Chemicals, apparatus and science equipments were arranged in science lab to impart practical knowledge to students.
  7. SUPW facility:  The facility for making teaching aids and instructional materials from waste products by the students.
  8. Go Green Environment:  New plants were planted across the boundary of the college for acquaintance and preparation of herbarium.
  9. Drinking water facility: Replaced old water cooler.
  10. Installed biometric machine for attendance.